Ubication:  Marrakesh, Marruecos

Attfalouna in Arabic means “our children”.

This Association was created in 2003 to offer direct help to street children in Marrakech. The main objective was to reintegrate children at high risk of prostitution, drugs and abuse into society through education and protection.

When Attfalouna was created, it was estimated that 65% of the population lived below the poverty line and 14,000 children were on the streets of Morocco.

In Marrakech, more and more children were seen offering sexual services to tourists. Most lived in Mellah, the poorest area of ​​the city. They did not study and almost everyone was addicted to inhalants.

After two years working in the streets, Attfalouna, with the support of national and international donors, managed to open a shelter with the capacity to house 50 children and offer them basic care, education, psychological care, extracurricular activities and support for their families.

A school support programmes was also created, benefiting 230 children from the streets of Mellah each year.

Ramana Foundation collaborated with Affataluna in the development of the shelter. It maintained this support for 7 years sending donations, materials and computers.